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Ariana1Ariana Afsanay de Ly is the Official Website for Ariana Clausen -Velez.  A place where I welcome everyone to stop by for a time, have a cup of tea, wine or coffee and enjoy our articles, book reviews and much more.  Many of the writings here are of what is to occur from the coming Eclipses which is known as Mundane Astrology, articles on the Old Religion, Folk Magic, forms of Divination, Ancient Traditions, cross posting of articles and those subjects that are on a deeper level of occult knowledge. Ariana is originally from the North-western part of the United States from Oregon.

Ariana is originally from the North-western part of the United States from Portland, OR. Ariana has had extensive travels throughout the Continental United States and the Central and Eastern parts of Canada and then returned home in Oregon to receive her Associates Degree in Merchandising and Buying from Western Business College in the early 90′s. Ariana spent many years living in Puerto Rico where she met and lived with her husband and cat, she has since returned to the North-western part of the United States and she is working on obtaining her Masters in Alternative Medicine and to eventually the opening of her own Metaphysical Occult Shoppe in the Portland, OR area.

Ariana is the new co-host of WitchTalk a BlogTalk Radio show with founding Host Kristin Lee.  Prior to being co-host on WitchTalk, she’s been interviewed by Susun Weed on the Susun Weed Radio Show, Hawthorne on the Spiral Dance Radio show and she does workshops on the Basics of Traditional Astrology, Psychic Self-Defence, Personal Power as well as a Spiritual Mentor and Psychic.  She has recently joined the Aralim Spiritual Advisors hotline as a reader and psychic advisor as well as being on the psychic, spiritual advisors at Ohio Valley Psychics, LLC.

Born under the sign of Gemini she has an especially strong connection to the Stars and the Mental Universe being of an above the horizon child of Thoth/Hermes she can understand the planets as they come into their placements and alignments.  She has a great love of the stars since early childhood and has always had a strong connection to the spirits, angels, her ancestors, and those energies that bring hidden knowledge and understanding from the invisible plains, such as the planets, stars and the energies they carry into the material plane, as a child she grew up watching them as they moved through space and fascinated at how ones life and behaviour correlate to the planets that rule them.

The planets that rule us tell such an amazing and unique story about who we are as an Individual and the experiences we go through and the journeys that are in our life without our direct knowledge or understanding about why. As a child Ariana had many visions not understanding them until in recent years, she is an Old Soul born of an Ancient bloodline of the O’Niall of Nine Hostages a branch of the line of Erĩmon of the Milesian race which dates back to Scythia and Egypt then travelling through many of the ancient Celtic and Mediterranean lands ending up Galicia, Spain and finally as the last invaders of Ireland, defeating the magic of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Ariana draws from the magic of her ancestors having the natural ability of intuition she can pick up on energies around a person and their feelings. Ariana has been a practising Traditional Astrologer professionally for over 15 years.

Ariana began her astrology career reading from the modern system and over the years progressed into the Traditional Astrology system, Traditional Astrology is a system in which those Astrologers from the Elizabethan Era; Bruno, Gadbury, Lilly, Ficino, Dee and more read.  It is based upon the five planets and the two luminaries; Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars with focus on the Head and Tail of the Dragon, P. Fortune and the Fixed Stars in where they align with certain planets or in your Rising or Culminating houses.

When Ariana reads for you see takes special care to focus on those areas that may cause issue in your life, bringing to light those areas in which may be harder in their placement/s in your life.  She works with her clients to come up with a good plan in how to bring the positive nature of the planets that are with a greater benefit to her clients in an effort to dispel the neutral and guide them in how to work with the more challenging areas in their lives.  Ariana focuses on continuing her studies and knowledge through continued education to become a fully accredited Traditional Astrologer in the very near future. Ariana also reads the Tarot and helps people find understanding to the energies around them in working one-on-one with her clients and she has expanded out her Professional Services to include Personal Power Mentoring to work individually with clients to teach them how to not only regain their own Personal Power but how to maintain it for a better life. Ariana works one-on-one with all of her clients to guide them to find those answers they seek and find a method of healing and understanding in order to overcome challenges and find success in their lives. When Ariana does a reading she looks at the houses and effects of the specific directions within the chart to better assess what types of healing or type of talisman is needed to bring about change for the Native’s life.

She also puts special focus on your Guardian Angels, Arch Angel’s, your Egyptian ruling god or goddess and the day you were born in the Egyptian Calendar and your Arabic Moon Mansion to better guide you to understand why you encounter certain events more than others.  There are many paths she focuses on to help you understand your path in life and bring you greater enlightenment and understand of Self to seek to understand of one’s base nature in order to evolve it to ones’ Mental Self.  She provides an in-depth reading for all of her clients personally. If necessary Ariana will prescribe Astrological talismans (which are calculated according to their time of casting) according to the planetary calculation and Angel magic to assist in bringing healing, understanding and to manifest the greater aspects into your life.  Angels are powerful beings and have amazing powers of knowledge and healing.

Traditional Astrology Readings read more about what your Personalised Native or Annual Reading includes.

Ariana is also the HPs of Temple of Diana which she founded back in 2004 April 21, and it is based out of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as being a Chapter 180 Religious Organisation, and as a 501 c 3 since the year 2006.  Ariana is also an Ordained Reverend under Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church, Temple of Diana; based out of Massachusetts as well as in Puerto Rico under Ordo Sanctus Falcona Templum de Diana Triformis (founded by Ariana back in 2009 July 7).  In 2010 December Ariana designed the Temple of Diana’s Official seal and Pendant which was designed and produced by the Peter Stone Co, USA.

What many do not know is Ariana makes some amazing hand-crafted soaps using organic and wild-crafted herbs as well as oils, eo’s and only the best products to create a magical bar just for you.  Ariana blends them according to the Moon and Solar positions when bringing together the herbs and oils, melting it in a special over the stove cooker for the best results. We are here to remember and bring back to those who are of an old soul the ways of the Old Religionist.  We are all born, but there are those of us who are old souls, the ones’ who are born that lived in a time before and reincarnated back to this time to bring back the ways of old, enjoy the articles. ***Ariana will be working on a new line of hand-crafted soaps this year and they will be featured in Magika at the Pickering Wharf in Salem, MA as well as on her Official Website and her Facebook page.  If you have any custom blends you would like created just for you please feel free to email Ariana at csolarwolf1@aol.com with your requests.

We will be looking at many blends which will include organic eo’s and herbs as well as exfoliating sea salt bars for purification. Ariana is also the creator of the Black Walnut Anthology is a bi-annual publication under the Temple of Diana.  The Black Walnut Anthology focuses on the work of  many; artists and authors of the occult of the many paths and traditions that compile their work to bring together a work in which we offer to better educate not only those in the Occult community but those who are seeking to understand more of the Occult and why so many are remembering where they came from in the past.  We have a page on the website for those interested in being a part of this work on submission guidelines and more. Available for purchase through Amazon.com, Kindle, and CreateSpace.com we offer many formats to purchase your copies; with being available in Great Britain, Spain, France, Germany, Canada and Italy in the Kindle version.  We have a fan page on Facebook as well for all to follow us and keep up to date on those who will contributing and more.  We invite you to join us or purchase your copy today.  All proceeds donated to the Temple of Diana’s general funds. Follow us at our new Official Website for the Black Walnut Anthology at http://blackwalnutanthology.com, ask question of the authors, post discussions about the topics that are written about, find out how you can contribute to our Vol IV issue and more. It is of Ariana’s studies and what she enjoys sharing with the greater occult community as well as those who are curious about who we are and why we are of the Old Religion of our Ancestors and the Mighty Ones.

There is such a vast amount of knowledge out there and it saddens me to see so many deny others, solely based off of what another person by free will chooses to believe.  We all must open up our hearts only then can we open up our minds to what is truly out there, the mind is a place of knowledge, wisdom, an awakening and understanding of all things, even those things we may not understand and many to this day fear out of lack of knowledge. Ariana invites you to stop by and sit a spell and just enjoy the articles here that are for the public arena to enjoy.

Want to read all of our articles, check out the Blog page here on the website on our Articles/Blog page to the right on the side bar and about on the page tabs.


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Traditional Astrology Readings read more about what your Personalised Native or Annual Reading includes. 

Native/Natal Reading $130.00 USD btn_buynowCC_LG

Annual/Solar Reading $130.00 USD btn_buynowCC_LG

Combination Reading $240.00 USD btn_buynowCC_LG


Ariana invites you to stop by and sit a spell and just enjoy the articles here that are for the public arena to enjoy. Want to read all of our articles, check out the Blog page here on the website on our Articles/Blog page to the right on the side bar and about on the page tabs.


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  1. Welcome to the newly revamped Written on Diana’s Mirror website, the Official Website of Ariana Clausen – Velez. Please enjoy the works on this site, our book reviews, books we have for purchase and more. Also if you would like a reading, please contact Ariana directly for an appointment over the phone or for a full detailed emailed reading.

    As we come to the upcoming season of Spring a time of new life, renewal, birth and the awakening of Apollo and the like gods of the various pantheons in which are honoured in all of the cultures we honour the Ancient Ones here always.

    I wish for you all a blessed season of joy, health, happiness, peace and may you all have a wonderful spring time.

    Many Blessings to you All

    2013/02/27 at 18:46

  2. A new post has been added, entitled What do you find Challenging about being a High Priestess.

    2013/03/12 at 12:37

  3. An update on the release and pre-release KDP, Amazon.com and Amazon Europe publication of the Black Walnut Anthology Vol III has been posted here as well as on the Official Website of the Black Walnut Anthology at http://blackwalnutanthology.com

    2013/04/16 at 14:22

  4. Let us remember those who lives were lost and effected by the bombing in Boston let us light our candles and lift up all as we will overcome and Mikael will destroy our enemies. Raise our swords and let us be the warriors of this land as our ancestors were in past centuries and generations keeping our land safe and sound.

    2013/04/18 at 12:58

  5. Here is the Kindle version of Vol III, click here http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CF2XX9Q to order your version today, it is also available on Amazon.com and Amazon Europe as well as the main link in CreateSpace, Shoppe Owners if you would like to order copies I will be creating a special discount code for orders of six copies or more. Please contact me at csolarwolf1@aol.com for more information.

    We will be selling it in Magika in Salem, MA as well for those who would like to purchase the book version. More details to follow on when it will be in Magika’s Shoppe at 63R Wharf Street; Pickering Wharf, Salem, MA 01970.

    Also you may order your copy on Amazon.com and Amazon Europe now Black Walnut Anthology Vol III is now available on Amazon.com and Europe our link for Amazon.com is http://www.amazon.com/Black-Walnut-Anthology-Vol-III/dp/148394722X/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1366337642&sr=1-1-catcorr&keywords=Black+Walnut+Anthology%2C+Vol+III . Amazon Europe links differ depending on the country you are purchasing.

    2013/04/19 at 15:12

  6. I am working on adding a new page to my website. Clergy and Consultation Services, it will outline what Cleric services I provide in Puerto Rico and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as an Ordained Reverend.

    I will also be adding a new page for Client and Viewer Comments and Reviews for those past and present clients whom I have either read for in Traditional Astrology, Tarot or in performing Legal Marriages and Handfastings.

    I am available and taking on new clients and am available to book for Cleric Services.


    2013/04/28 at 12:36

  7. I just added on a new link it is Scribes of Thoth it is an amazing book store with recommendations of occult works for all levels of study and training. It is below under Book Store.

    I hope you enjoy the selections in which are provided for you all.


    2013/04/29 at 12:22

  8. Yesterday, I did some work on the site adding a new page; Giordano Bruno and updating my bio and adding a good reads section. I will be adding on a list of vintage herbs I will be offering for sale in the next couple of weeks as well. We have Minerals for Sale as well as a Sale on the Black Walnut Anthology Volumes from the 4th of June to the 11th of June at 20% off with a discount code, for paperback only on all three volumes.

    As we come into Summer soon we look back at the year and prepare for the awakening of Apollo and the Sun to once again begin in his decline as he prepares to rest for the season following the Summer Solstice on the 21st of June.

    2013/06/06 at 11:45

  9. Wow, Ariana has added some new items to the site, pages, blog postings and new Professional Services she is offering. Come on over and take a look, share it on your facebook, post a review if you have had a reading by her and let others know how you enjoyed your reading.

    2013/07/18 at 19:22

  10. Check out some new reviews I have received from clients on my Comments and Reviews page. I would love to hear from you also post your review or comment today on your readings or consultation.

    Many Blessings in Light

    2013/08/26 at 13:35

  11. I have just added a new page to the site, on the 25 September 2013 I will be hosting via GoToMeeting an On-line Workshop for Astrological Magic and Talismans. You may register by purchasing your spot and then registering for the online meeting via the GoToMeeting link at http://afsanaydely.com/workshops/. There is a $40.00 fee and each participant will receive their own presentation package.

    It is focused on the basics of Astrological Magic and Talismans. More workshops will follow in the coming months. If there is a specific workshop you would like, please let me know.

    Again you may register by your payment and the online class at http://afsanaydely.com/workshops/.

    Also be sure to follow us, to keep up to date on our blog articles, workshops and more.

    Many Blessings

    2013/09/13 at 14:21

  12. Wednesday evening 8pm AST/EDT, I will be presenting an upcoming workshop with the focus on Astrological Magic and Talisman’s the basics and the core to all magic. If you would like to join us just visit the page here for more information and the fee. It will come with a PDF pamphlet for you to keep. Visit us here for more information and to reserve your spot, http://afsanaydely.com/workshops/

    2013/09/23 at 15:59

  13. Sending everyone Thanksgiving Blessings. I would like to apologise for not being as active in my postings I have been settling in after moving back to the United States main land from Puerto Rico and getting things settled.

    I am still available for readings and group parties, as well as phone and Skype readings for my clients. For the month of December up thru the 21st of December I am offering $5.00 off of my readings of the Tarot and $10.00 off of my Traditional Astrology readings. They are a great gift for the ones you love. As part of the holidays I am offering gift certificates in the amounts of $50.00 for a 15 minute and $70.00 for a 30 minute reading, $120.00 for a Traditional Astrology and for Group Parties contact me for prices and dates.

    Many thanks to you all for your support and following and I look forward to sharing more with you all very soon.

    Have a most blessed Holiday Season and Feast of Hecate.

    2013/11/28 at 10:17

  14. I am sad to see such an amazing actor, comedian leave this world from so much inner suffering he felt that suicide was the only way out. I received an amazing message the other day in my Facebook private message thanking me for who I am, what I do for others and for my name and smile bringing this person light into her life.

    She said something in which I know to be a powerful tool, what do you think would have happened and would he have had another thought if someone just said something kind and loving to him, would this have changed his mind? I know from the past telling someone how much you care can make a huge difference because I have done it and from that have an amazing friend for life.

    Robin Williams said in one of the interviews that was shown there is nothing we can do it is what it is (paraphrased).. Can this be overcome? Yes, it can, it is all from the base in which this mentality comes from, yes, the planets in our charts fate us to paths we must take in life, however we do in the end create our destiny from it. The planets many do not believe do fate us, they fate us to illness, love, children many or few, good or bad, careers, success, fortune and so much more. They show us we are prone to challenges, diseases and more.

    In looking at Robin Williams native chart and annual I saw many indicators to his addictions and depression and yes the planets do take us on journeys, yet, when we know it is there, there is always that path in which we can take in which evolves our Mental Universe to push away those negative thoughts and patterns that are instilled in our lives to make something greater in the Universe with the Mental works we do. It is the base nature that allows many to not evolve and to just accept what others say and do, when doctors tell us this medicine has no problems you can trust and more, this is all base and altruist mentality.

    You can change that Mentality by just not accepting what others say with seeking within you own heart and self and making great changes within yourself. Seek you DNA and find the vibrations of healing from within to that of the Universe. Everyday I wonder what is going on and I realize and know we live in a world in which needs to be taught to love and to awaken their minds and hearts to things they have denied exist in the universe, this one and the one’s beyond, to accept that we are not, nor have ever been alone in this world that we are all of the same DNA and parents from the dimensions beyond. Only then will we evolve and have a universe that is entirely mentally connected and from that we can create many amazing things through mental manifestation.

    Many Blessings in the Light and Dark
    Reverend High Priestess Ariana

    2014/08/14 at 18:32

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